Draw A Table To Compare The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Three Feels _ Ethanol,hydrogen, And Dieselplease (2024)

Chemistry High School


Answer 1


Lower fuel efficiency than Conventional Diesel

Pros of BiodieselCons of Biodiesel

RenewableMay damage fuel filters and pipes

Incredibly SafeCan Effect Food Supply

Ready to UseLittle bit Expensive

Extends engine lifespanLower fuel Efficiency than DieselHydrogen Fuel Cell Advantages and Disadvantages in Material...

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology.

Advantage: High Energy Density Improves Productivity.

Disadvantage: The Use of Fossil Fuels in Hydrogen Production.

Disadvantage: Hydrogen Storage and Transportation.

Disadvantage: Fuel Cell Efficiency.Ethanol Fuel is Cost-effective Compared to Other Biofuels. ...

Ecologically Effective. ...

Helps Reduce Global warming. ...

Easily Accessible. ...

Minimizes Dependence on Fossil Fuels. ...

Contributes to Creation of Employment to the Country. ...

Opens up Untapped Agricultural Sector. ...

Ethanol Fuel is a Source of Hydrogen.draw a table to compare the advantages and disadvantages of three feels _ ethanol,hydrogen hope it's right

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Some examples of quantitative data include:

Revenue in dollars.

Weight in kilograms.

Age in months or years.

Length in centimeters.

Distance in kilometers.

Height in feet or inches.

Number of weeks in a year.

Qualitative data describes qualities or characteristics. It is collected using questionnaires, interviews, or observation, and frequently appears in narrative form. For example, it could be notes taken during a focus group on the quality of the food at Cafe Mac, or responses from an open-ended questionnaire


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If a man with long eyelashes (LL) marries a woman with long eyelashes (Ll), what are the possible genotypes and phenotypes of their children?



Long eyelashes


it would be long eyelashes unless somewhere in the family tree has short eyelashes.

The possible genotypes of their children would be LL (hom*ozygous dominant) and Ll (heterozygous), and the possible phenotype would be long eyelashes

When a man with the genotype LL (hom*ozygous dominant) for long eyelashes marries a woman with the genotype Ll (heterozygous) for long eyelashes, their children can have different genotypes and phenotypes.

The possible genotypes of their children can be:

LL (hom*ozygous dominant): In this case, the child inherits the dominant allele from both parents and will have long eyelashes.

Ll (heterozygous): In this case, the child inherits one dominant allele from the father and one recessive allele from the mother. They will also have long eyelashes, as the dominant allele (L) determines the trait.

The possible phenotypes of their children would be:

Long eyelashes: Both the LL genotype and Ll genotype would result in the child having long eyelashes.

In summary, the possible genotypes of their children would be LL (hom*ozygous dominant) and Ll (heterozygous), and the possible phenotype would be long eyelashes.

Learn more about genotypes from the link given below.



Underground pumping of liquids can trigger earthquakes, first by adding ______ and then by reducing ______ along faults.



Adding Stress

Reducing Friction

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Would it be “easier” for Aluminum or Chlorine to accept an electron into?

Would it be “easier” for Bromine or Iodine to accept an electron into?



i dont think so





for number 1 RAIN. Rain is drops of water from clouds. Heavy/ constant/ steady/pouring rain or Downpour is a lot of rain in a short...

SNOW. Snow means atmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals and falling in light white flakes or lying on the...

SUN. Blazing means very bright and hot. ... Bright means full of light.

number 2 WEATHER MAPS indicate atmospheric conditions above a large portion of the Earth’s surface. Meteorologists use weather maps to forecast the weather. A HYGROMETER measures the water vapor content of air or humidity. A WEATHER BALLOON measures weather conditions higher up in the atmosphere.

number 3 A climate is an average weather in a given area over a period of time. The weather, on the other hand, can change drastically in a matter of hours. Changing the world takes thousands of years. It is, however, complex and has been growing at an alarming rate in recent years.

Weather refers to how the environment behaves, mostly in terms of its impacts on life and human habits. Temperature, humidity, precipitation, brightness, cloudiness, visibility, wind, and atmospheric pressure all are factors that influence the weather on a daily basis.

How have humans influenced the Antarctic tundra ecosystem?

Group of answer choices

Humans have adapted to live in colder areas and moved into the Antarctic tundra.

Humans have hunted several species that are only found in the Antarctic tundra.

Humans have increased the greenhouse gasses found in the atmosphere.

Humans have moved into the area and cleared out several plants and trees.


Answer is B. Humans have hunted several species that are only forums in the Antarctic tundra

Environmental impacts in Antarctica occur at a range of scales. Global warming, ozone depletion and global contamination have planet-wide impacts. These affect Antarctica at the largest scale. Fishing and hunting have more localised impacts, but still have the potential to cause region-wide effects.


Humans have increased the greenhouse gasses found in the atmosphere.


Greenhouse gases help to keep in the heat from the sun keeping the planet's temperature at a level that can support life, but this natural greenhouse effect of Earth is been altered by human activities. For example, carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere increase when fossil fuels like coal and oil are used. If more greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere, more heat gets trapped. This heat causes the Earth's temperature to rise. If Earth's temperature rises, ice caps will melt changing the Antarctic Tundra biome. (All of this is explained in the lesson).

"Humans have increased the greenhouse gasses found in the atmosphere" was the correct answer in my test. (edge). I got 100%.

I hope this helps others that are looking for this.

The outer electron of a potassium atom is further from its nucleus than the outer electron of a lithium
atom. Which atom is more reactive?


The potassium atom is more reactive than Lithium atom because the atomic radius of Potassium is more than the atomic radius of Lithium. This means that the outer electrons of Potassium are shielded very well by the s orbital.

Hope it helps

In a saturated solution of zn(oh)2 at 25°c, the value of [oh-] is 2. 0 x 10-6 m. What is the value of the solubility-product constant, ksp, for zn(oh)2 at 25°c ?.


In a saturated solution of Zn(OH)₂ at 25°c, the solubility product constant is 4.0 × 10⁻¹⁸.

What is the solubility product constant?

The solubility product constant, Ksp​, is the equilibrium constant for a solid substance dissolving in an aqueous solution.

Step 1. Write the solution equation.

Zn(OH)₂(s) ⇄ Zn²⁺(aq) + 2 OH⁻(aq)

Step 2. Make an ICE chart.

Zn(OH)₂(s) ⇄ Zn²⁺(aq) + 2 OH⁻(aq)

I 0 0

C +S +2S

E S 2S

We can find the value of S.

[OH⁻] = 2S = 2.0 × 10⁻⁶ M

S = 1.0 × 10⁻⁶ M

We input these values in the Ksp expression.

Ksp = [Zn²⁺] [OH⁻]² = S (2S)² = 4 S³ = 4 (1.0 × 10⁻⁶)³ = 4.0 × 10⁻¹⁸

In a saturated solution of Zn(OH)₂ at 25°c, the solubility product constant is 4.0 × 10⁻¹⁸.

Learn more about Ksp here: https://brainly.com/question/25134328

If copper metal pieces were added to an aqueous solution of silver nitrate,

the Silver would be replaced in a single replacement reaction forming

aqueous copper (II) nitrate and solid silver.

How much silver is produced if 15.00 grams of Cu is added to the

solution of excess silver nitrate?



I dont even know what that even means

I hope you will find the answer

how many moles are in 95.33g of copper?

A: 1.5 mol
B: 29 mol
C: 95.33 mol
D: 6.02 x 10^23 mol​



A) 1.5mol


[tex]\frac{95.33g}{1} *\frac{1 mol}{63.55g}=1.5mol[/tex]

How many molecules Na2S are in 3.6g of Na2S




n= 3.6g/ (22.99×2+32.07) mol/g

n= 0,0461242793 mol

n≈ 0.046 mol

n≈ 4.6 ×10^(-2) mol

What is being determined in this lab? please provide a brief (one sentence) answer. For example, in the general chemistry 1 measurements in science lab where different types of glassware are used to measure known volumes of water which are then weighed, an appropriate answer to this question would be: "this lab will determine the density of water. ".


The measurements taken in the experiment shows the purpose of the experiment.

What is a lab experiment?

A laboratory experiment is an empirical determination of facts. Experiments are the primary sources of scientific experiment.

To determine the purpose of experiment, we have to pay close attention to what the experiment is about such as the example shown in the question. The measurements taken in the experiment shows the purpose of the experiment.

Learn more about experiments: https://brainly.com/question/9199868

Now balance the chemical
reaction by providing the correct
whole number coefficients:
butane (C4H10) + oxygen gas yields
carbon dioxide + water
[?]C4H10 + [ ]02 → [ ]CO2 +[


Answer: 2, 13, 8, 10 (sorry if i’m wrong lol)


Can anyone here help me with chemistry


The answer is 20g N2

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See attached table.

Note that:

1 mole = 6.02x10^23

Molar mass is grams/mole. For the elements, the atomic mass is the same number as molar mass, just expressed as grams/mole.

Sugar is C6H12O12 and ammonia is NH3 . If you have 7 moles of both Sugar and ammonia do you have the same amount​


1mole of Sugar —>(12×6)+(12×1)+(12×16)=276g
But there are 7 moles therefore 7×276=1932g
1mole of NH3—>(14×1)+(3×1)=17g
but there are 7g therefore 7×17=119g
Hence the two are not equal

What type of Sonar causes loud noise in the water?

Low Frequency

High Frequency


low frequency. it’s called low frequency active sonar (LFA sonar)




198g r needed to react


198g are needed to react to this equation

1. Describe the motion of molecules in a solid. Why is gold only present in the
solid state?


Particles in a solid (not molecules) vibrate in fixed positions. Held in a regular lattice arrangement.

Gold is present in its solid state because the metallic bonding in gold (the strong electrostatic attraction between positive gold atoms and the delocalised electrons) is very strong and needs a lot of energy to break. Hence, gold has a high melting point and so at average temperatures on Earth is found in its solid state.

As the motion of the molecules in minimum due to strong forces of attraction between the solid molecules as in case of gold and hence it is only found in solid state.

What are forces of attraction?

Forces of attraction is a force by which atoms in a molecule combine. It is basically an attractive force in nature. It can act between an ion and an atom as well.It varies for different states of matter that is solids, liquids and gases.

The forces of attraction are maximum in solids as the molecules present in solid are tightly held while it is minimum in gases as the molecules are far apart . The forces of attraction in liquids is intermediate of solids and gases.

The physical properties such as melting point, boiling point, density are all dependent on forces of attraction which exists in the substances.

Learn more about forces of attraction,here:



How do the particles in a pure substance compare with each another?



The particles in a pure substance are all "identical".


How does most ocean water return to the ocean in the water cycle? Through precipitation over the ocean By flowing through rivers and streams Through runoff on Earth's surface By wind blowing water back to the ocean​


Surface run off and when water infiltrates land it will start to make its way to a body of water.

If the number of hydrogen ion pumps in the etc is increased what impact will this have on substrate level atp production?.



Cq: if the number of hydrogen ion pumps in the etc is increased what impact will this have on substrate level atp production: no impact, increase, decrease, i have no idea. Bears have a tissue known as brown fat. In thses cells the mitochondria have a special protein known as thermogenin.


If you are given the complete chemical symbol for an atom, or ion, how can you determine the number of each kind of particle in the atom or ion?



Together, the number of protons and the number of neutrons determine an element's mass number: mass number = protons + neutrons.


Look at the atomic mass of the atom and you subtract the amount of protons from it.

How to calculate the number of each kind of particle?

For instance, assuming that you have a carbon-11 molecule, you can see that the nuclear weight is roughly 11, and you deduct how much protons in it. There are 6 protons in a carbon molecule so you deduct 6 from 11, which gives you 5.

That implies that you have 5 neutrons in that particle. The equivalent goes for particles. In the event that you have a particle, you would in any case deduct 6 from 11 and you would in any case get 5 neutrons.

Learn more about atom here:






STP: 273K and 760 mm of mercury.

Use the Boyle's law, i.e., PV = P'V' and get the answer.

What percentage of gases that make up the atmosphere are found in the troposphere and atmosphere combined?




Earth's atmosphere is composed of about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and one percent other gases. These gases are found in layers (troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and exosphere) defined by unique features such as temperature and pressure.


identify the three domains and the six kingdoms



3 domains are Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya.

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2:c/ 3. b

1. I think letter a

2. aluminum have

3. Not exactly 74.87%

4.ithink d or b but not a and c



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An atom has 18 neutrons and 17 proton. a) How many electrons are in this atom ​



17 electron


because the number of the proton and number of electron is equal if ther is no charge

Lab Report
It’s time to complete your Lab Report. Save the lab to your computer with the correct unit number, lab name, and your name at the end of the file name (e.g., U1_ Lab_Energy_Alice_Jones.doc).
1. What was the purpose of the experiment?
Type your answer here:
2. What were the independent, dependent, and control variables in your investigation? Describe the variables for the first part of the experiment.
Type your answer here:
Experimental Methods
1. What tools did you use to collect your data?
Type your answer here:
2. Describe the procedure that you followed to collect the data for the first part of the experiment.
Type your answer here:
Data and Observations
1. Record your observations in the data table.
Type your answer here:
Table 1. Measurements Taken from a Simulation of a [insert mass value] kg Ball Released from Various Heights on a Ramp
Mass of ball (kg) Drop height on ramp (m) Potential energy (J) Time to travel 1.0 m (s) Speed (m/s) Kinetic energy (J)
1. What conclusions can you draw about how the amount of potential energy stored in a system changes as a ball is placed at varying heights on a ramp? Write an evidence-based claim.
Type your answer here:
2. Develop a model (diagram) that shows how different amounts of gravitational potential energy (GPE) are stored in the earth-ball system when the ball is raised to different heights on the ramp.
Type your answer here:
3. How did you use what you learned from the first part of the experiment to design a marble run?
Type your answer here:


In this lab, you will discover that the gravitational potential energy depends on the height of the ball at each time.

What is gravitational potential energy?

The term gravitational potential energy refers to energy that is stored in a body by virtue of its position. This type of energy depends on the height where the body has been placed.

The question refers to a laboratory work result so I can only give you an idea about the expected results. In this lab, you will discover that the gravitational potential energy depends on the height of the ball at each time.

Learn more about gravitational potential energy: https://brainly.com/question/10427150

Water has a ""bent"" geometry. Which properties of water create this molecular shape? Water’s oxygen has no lone electron pairs. Water’s oxygen has lone electron pairs that repel each other. Water is nonpolar. Water is ionic.



Water oxygen has lone electron pairs that repel each other.


Water has a "bent" geometry because water’s oxygen has lone electron pairs that repel each other.

What is lone pair of electrons?

A pair of valency electrons of opposite spin that are not shared between the atoms in a molecule and are responsible for the formation of coordinate bonds.

A water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms bonded to an oxygen atom, and its overall structure is bent.

This is because the oxygen atom, in addition to forming bonds with the hydrogen atoms, also carries two pairs of unshared electrons.

All of the electron pairs—shared and unshared—repel each other.

Hence, option B is correct.

Learn more about lone pair of electrons here:



Draw A Table To Compare The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Three Feels _ Ethanol,hydrogen, And Dieselplease (2024)


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